The Cabin (Hytte) (2021)

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Nonton Film The Cabin (Hytte) (2021) Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Film The Cabin (Hytte) (2021) : In the middle of preparing his apartment to have Mira live with him, Luc escapes to Svalbard. Stumbling drunk out of an Artic “Oktoberfest”, Luc meets Mike, a stranger who lives in an isolated cabin in the Arctic desert. Mike mysteriously abandons Luc in mid conversation. Intrigued, Luc decides to find Mike. Along the way, he meets Ingrid, a Norwegian teacher. Luc rushes into the footsteps of Mike who remains elusive and volatile, Luc hunts a shadow, his own possibly.

Tagline:A quest for identity in a hyperglobalized society
Genre: Drama, Movie
Duration: 75 Min

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